Animal rescue organizations and wildlife sanctuaries in Colorado are dedicated to saving the lives of many different species throughout the state. Without their help and hard work, many animals in dire cases would be left to suffer.

Recently, a nonprofit farm animal sanctuary in Peyton, Colorado rescued an overwhelming number of goats from a heartbreaking hoarding scenario in the area.

OutPaws Sweet Home Sanctuary was called to assist with the challenging situation, involving what they originally expected to be 26 goats. When rescuers arrived on-site, there ended up being a staggering 58 female goats - 17 of which were also pregnant. Male goats were present as well, however, the organization couldn't address them during the visit due to the extreme amount of nannies discovered.

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The owner had severely underestimated the number of goats they had on their property.

According to OutPaws, the owner began with just a handful of pet goats but didn't take the necessary steps to have them neutered. As a result, the goat population rapidly spiraled out of control. It was important to remove the female goats to put a halt to the breeding.

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The rescued goats are now receiving critical veterinary care, proper food, and fresh, comfortable bedding.

While the animal sanctuary is accustomed to assisting goats and other farm animals, bringing in so many at once is taking its toll. The sudden influx has dramatically escalated the facility's expenses. Since taking in the goats, 29 babies have been born, requiring more care and veterinary costs

A GoFundMe has been started to support OutPaws' urgent mission to aid these helpless animals. The nonprofit relies solely on donations and right now they desperately need financial help to cover the price of hay, veterinary costs, and shelter for these goats, as we as other animals that also live on the farm. Volunteers are needed at the sanctuary too.


Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary and Rescued Friends have also stepped in to help foster some of the goats.

Once they are healthy, these goats will be available for adoption through OutPaws. Take a peek at some of the adorable goats that are currently trying to find their forever homes.

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