I'm starting to think of pools as just one big Petri dish.

I hope this doesn't scare you away from your favorite place to cool off this summer, but the numbers don't lie. With summertime fast approaching, people will be looking for the concrete watering hole to help them cool off. Or, in some instances, bathe.

A recent survey has revealed that 51 percent of Americans admit to using a pool to clean themselves after a trip to the gym. Which means, once they are good and sweaty, they don't bother showering and cleaning themselves properly. Instead they opt to jump straight into the pool you're currently swimming in.


What's worse is that we know better. 64% of people in that same survey admit that they know chlorine will not clean their body. It is recommended that you at least rinse off thoroughly before jumping into the pool. Come on, that only takes like two minutes.

Myself and the other pool lovers thank you.

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