December is here, which means everyone is running around to get all the holiday gifts they need to get under the tree. But what if you need something last minute on the 25th?

While I definitely don't advise you to have something wait until the last minute to where you are struggling to get it on Christmas day, there are some of us that still need to pick up something on the big day.

You also may just want to get out of the house away from the relatives for an hour to take a breather.

Well there are options to be able to stop at on December 25th, and there are actually plenty of these opportunities that come up throughout Northern Colorado.

Here are five of them that may come in hand for you to take advantage of on Christmas day! But keep in mind to please say THANK YOU to all the hard workers that make it possible to keep these businesses open on the big day. They are taking time away from family to work on the holiday, so every thank you that they could get will make the world of difference!


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