We play Colorado's New Country on K99. So, sometimes I don't get to hear some of the classic country artists and songs that I love. The trade-off is worth it. We have so much great new music out now. Lately I have felt a little nostalgic, so I came up with a list of "Country Artists I Love That You Don't Hear on the Radio Anymore".

5. Restless Heart

I loved Restless Heart. They are one of the 1st country bands I ever had the opportunity to meet. We did a show with them in Estes Park in the early 90s. They were on top of the World, then Larry Stewart left the band. They had a couple minor hits after that, but really never recovered, even though Larry eventually returned to the band.  This is one of my favorite Restless Heart songs from YouTube:

4. Eddie Rabbitt

I believe Eddie Rabbit is one of the most underrated country stars in country music history. He had 26 number one songs on the country charts, yet you never hear him mentioned among the best ever. He is to me. Unfortunately, we lost Eddie to lung cancer in 1998. This is one of Eddie's best from YouTube:

3. Collin Raye

Collin Raye's "Direct Hits" is still one of my favorite albums of all time. If my wife and I are going on a road trip, we will always bring it with us. I love every song on the album. Collin Raye will always hold a special place in my heart after he called us in the middle of the night one year during the 28 Hours of Hope. This is my favorite Collin Raye song from YouTube:

2. Alabama

There is no debate that Alabama is the greatest country band of all time. They have had over 40 number one singles. However, I never get to hear their classic songs on the radio anymore. I miss songs like this Alabama classic courtesy of YouTube:

1. Dan Seals

The 1st concert we ever promoted as K99 was Dan Seals at the Union  Colony Civic Center in Greeley. He was red hot at the time and in the middle of a string of 9 #1 hits in a row. He is one of my favorite artists of all time. This former #1 courtesy of YouTube is probably my favorite:

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