Spring break is only a few days away, and you are looking to pack the car and head out of town. But the question is, where do you go?

My wife and I have been discussing this the last few days, as we plan on packing all the kids in the mini van on Saturday and heading out of Northern Colorado. However, we aren't making ANY plans.

Just driving.

And stopping where we want to. That includes not booking any hotels ahead of time.

Believe me. With four kids in tow, it could turn out to be a scary proposition.

But I posted the question on Facebook the other day to get ideas from people on what direction we should head in. And the responses that I got were creative, and numerous.

So here are the five directions listeners told me to head in as we get in the car this weekend. What do you think of these five?

Let us know below which trip you would choose to go on, or add another that wasn't listed.

And happy Spring break families of Northern Colorado!

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