Let's just immediately put this out there...I CAN NOT win the money because I'm not eligible but, it's fun to play pretend, and if you love the outdoors and adventure as much as I do, maybe I can help you come up with a fun idea to do or place to explore.

Starting Monday (April 5) we're giving you multiple chances all day to win up to $10,000 to do whatever you want with...pay off bills, bank it, bank some of it, blow it, take a vacation or check off a few things off your bucket list.

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For me, there are a few outdoor adventures here in the great state of Colorado that I would check out and make a weekend out of because...hey, I got an extra $10K in the account.

Let's GO...

1. Ski weekend in Vail 

I' love to ski and I've always wanted to go to Vail and hit those historic slopes...it ain't cheap though so I think I would start off my $10 Grand celebration with a weekend in Vail with my wife and son.

A hotel for two nights on the shuttle route and 1 day lift tickets for all of us...$1446.00

Book a Vail trip HERE

(We gotta eat too and drive there so let's throw $400-500 on top of that) No problem...we still have about $8000 left. YAY.

2. Whitewater rafting on the Gunnison

A buddy of mine from Texas did it several years ago and I've always had that on my list of things to do when visiting Colorado. Well, now since I'm living here and have an extra several thousand bucks burning a hole in my pocket...let's head to the river.

I already have another couple set to go with us so a nice day getaway for some white water rafting and fun in the sun looks to run about $19,000.

Book your Gunnison River rafting trip HERE.

Split it up between the two couples...$950 per couple and of course...food and gas costs. So we'll throw in an extra $500 for good measure for a total of $1,450.

Down to $6,500

3. Kayaking the Arkansas River

I had so much fun whitewater rafting, let's hit the water again THIS weekend, this time on the kayak. I'm going solo for this trip to the Arkansas River.

First...I need a new kayak so I'm hitting up my friends at Rocky Mountain Adventures...already found one online for about $1400...she's a BEAUTY can't wait to get it in the water.

So the kayak and then on this solo trip, gas, food, a night of camping...let's say about an extra $500.

Total for the trip...we'll even it out and say $2,000.

Book your visit HERE


4. Grown up only getaway...The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs

Ok, we're down to $4,500 left from the $10 grand that "I won". This trip is all about the wife and I so we're heading down I-25 to spend a weekend at the historic Broadmoor in the Springs. We have some of our best friends on the planet that live down there so we'll be doing some fun stuff with them as well including making a venture up the Pike's Peak Highway to Cripple Creek to do some gambling and what trip to Colorado Springs is complete without exploring the Garden of the Gods.

A two night stay at the Broadmoor is going to run about $774. Throw in some extra cash for gas, food and fun...let's throw in that extra $700.

Our weekend total is about $1,500 so now we're down to $3,000 left in our winnings and one trip left. Not bad.

5. Hiking 

After all of these wonderful adventures, I'm simple going to take a couple of days and spend some time alone in the mountains and hit a couple of 14er's.

First, I'm going to get me a sweet new pair of hiking boots, I love shopping local so I'm hitting up Brown's Shoe Fit in Fort Collins. Found a great selection online and a pair of waterproof boots that will be perfect for me for about $200...sweet!

As I pick my 14er's to conquer for these couple of days, I think I'm going to start with Mt Bierstadt and Mt Sherman. I've always heard about the legendary 14'ers of Colorado and now...I get to set foot on these trails and stand on top of the Rockies knowing that after gas, food and a night of camping, I'm still going to have about $2000 to bank after taking all of these adventures.

Yay me and yay us...for giving YOU a shot to win up to $10,000 to do whatever you'd like to do. If it's exploring and adventuring in the great outdoors like me, I hope this helps you come up with some ideas. If not, I at LEAST hope you enjoyed taking these virtual adventures with me.

The Cash Cow returns AT 8 a.m. on Monday, April 5. Good luck.


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