Bring on the pre 5pm sunsets. Ok maybe not but like it or not, they're about to become our reality soon as we get set to "fall back" one hour this weekend.

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The time change officially occurs at 2am Sunday morning and while that gives us an extra hour of sleep (much needed) that also means that it will be getting darker much earlier now with our final sunset after 5pm being this weekend.

Daylight savings which begins in March and ends in November every year unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii because those two states don't touch their clocks, could be a permanent thing here in Colorado too after this year if Governor Jared Polis gets his way.

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The original reason for the time changes was to conserve energy by giving people more sun in their days and while that seems like a great idea, many feel that changing the clocks twice a year does more harm than good and is just an overall pain.


So get ready for that extra hour of shut eye but also get ready for that urge to be in bed by 6pm because it feels and looks like 9pm for a few months too.

Happy Fall.


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