An enormous bear that looks like he ate another bear was ready for hibernation but the problem wasn't that in itself, it just so happened to be the location that he tried to spend his time sleeping through the winter, under a Durango, Colorado resident's front porch.

The bear was apparently too full to move (I know that feeling around the holidays) but simply couldn't be allowed to sleep under someone's porch for several months so had to be removed.

A gentleman by the name of John Livingston who is with Colorado Parks and Wildlife took to Instagram to share the news and tell us a little more about this particular fat bear and hibernation season in general.




That's a big bear and it took a big effort to get it out from under the porch but thanks to the awesome people at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, their mission was accomplished effectively and safely.

“It took a tranquilizer dart and five members of @coparkswildlife staff to get this bear out from under the deck and into a trailer so it could be prepared for relocation,” Livingston wrote. “We estimated this bear to be at least 10 years old and to weigh as much as 400 pounds.”


Yeah, it looked like quite the process but thankfully there weren't any issues with any humans or bears getting injured.




In order to get through the winter months, bears around this time of year will pack in a good 20-25,000 calories a day to get through their hibernation period.

No wonder it was tired, sleep well Mr Bear, sleep well.




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