Todd and I are down to 38 shows left together and I am counting down by featuring some of my favorite or most impactful moments of my 30+ years here at K99. I have been having a great time reliving some of these in my brain. Goodbye is hard but this has sure been one heck of a ride. Here is today's memory.

We have been broadcasting from our building on Main Street in Windsor for my entire career and we have watched people out of our studio window walk up and down the street for years. You start to get to know some of the regular passers by. One guy in particular stands out in my memory and that was a guy who used to roam the streets of Windsor named Norman. Norman would pop in to say hello or just walk up to the window and stare in and wave each time he would pass by.

One cool fall day I had set a warm can of soda out on the ledge outside the studio window to chill. I could see the can, it was right in my view from my chair at the control board. Todd and I were on the air talking when I saw Norman walk up and look at the soda can and then grab it and started walking down the street. I could see he had his headset on I knew he was listening to us. I then said over the air..."Norman, I saw that. Put the soda back on the ledge." I then saw Norman stop dead in his tracks and turn around and put the soda back on the ledge and walk off. We laughed so hard and the next time I saw Norman I gave him a soda and told him this one was on me. I have loved my view here at 600 Main.


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