The countdown is now on until this cowboy rides away. I announced that I will be moving on, to whatever may come next, after the Habajeeba Show on January 25. We will have ticket information soon on that so download the K99 app for your phone today. I did the math, and counting my upcoming vacation, I only have 39 shows left with you.

I decided it would be fun to look back at this amazing career and talk about some of the most memorable moments I have had over the past 30 years here at K99.

     Now I would not say that this was a great moment but was certainly a memorable one. I am just a regular guy with regular troubles and regular faults. There was a time early on in my career when my wife and I were quite poor. We did not have much but always found a way to get by. We had needed a new vehicle and bought a very nice Jeep Cherokee. It was a great ride but was a bit out of our affordable price range as I would soon find out.

     We were going through a tough spot in life and were quite behind on bills. We would pick each week if heat, electricity, food or fuel was more important for the week and find a way to survive. I had apparently let the vehicle go a bit too long without any payment and I would find that out the hard on the air.

     One day, in the early 90's, Todd and I were on the air doing our show when I saw a tow truck pull into the parking lot and start hooking up my vehicle. I was in the middle of a show was talking on the air at the time and tried to wrap up quickly so I could get out there and see what the heck was going on. I got out there just as they were about to pull out of the lot. He hollered that they were repossessing it and I could call the bank to try to get it back. I couldn't even get my stuff out of it before it was hauled away.

     Let me say it was a tough day to call my wife and ask for a ride home. I learned a lot that day. I learned that I should park my car where no one can get to it easily in case I am behind on payments or better yet, I learned to live a bit more within my means. We got the vehicle back and I never liked that thing again. That had to be the worst thing I have witnessed outside my window in 30 years...except that time Charley Barnes mooned us.

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