Let me start by saying that I am far from done with my weight loss journey. I have had many people ask if I was done now that I have hit the 100 lb weight loss mark...NO! Hitting 100 was a huge deal to me but I have several more goals to attain with my friends at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor.

To recap, I started this at 333 lbs, shooting insulin 5 to 6 times a day as a type 2 diabetic and needing lots of heart meds due a heart attack 10 years ago. I had lost 20 pounds on my own from March to May and then over 85 with Benchmark since May 22. I am off of insulin and my heart meds are cut in half. Huge win so far...but there is more I want.

I have 3 more little goals ahead of me. I am getting real close to hitting the number 220. I like that number and want to see that. I can't ever remember being 220. That is next then I want to reach the 100 lb mark with Benchmark. I started there at 311 on May 22 and want to reach the 100 lb mark since joining so 211 will be my next goal after the 220. The ultimate end point for me is 200 lbs. I have never been there in my adult life and feel that would be a great place to land on this journey. My goals could change as I achieve them but that is what is driving me now and I know with my team at Benchmark Medical Group that I will make get there but...I have already won.

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