'The only thing that is constant is change', Heraclitus once said, Loveland is no exception. Here's a list of things folks used to do in Loveland 'back in the day' that you just can't anymore!


  • Philip Dyer, ThinkStock
    Philip Dyer, ThinkStock

    Go Bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes

    You may know the building-- it now sits as the closed/vacant 'Schmidt's Bakery' on SW 14th Street. Lucky Strike Lanes and the Red Ram Lounge were there throughout the 70's and 80's. Today, Sweetheart Lanes and The Summit are the places to go.

  • Google Street Maps
    Google Street Maps

    Go Sledding Down 'HP Hill'

    This was a draw because it's a steep hill. Really steep. The hill sits directly west of the old HP campus at SW 14th Street and Taft.  Also, at one time, there was archery at the bottom of the hill (not at exactly the same time!)

  • Clemens Bilan, Getty Images
    Clemens Bilan, Getty Images

    Race Go Karts

    Alpine Family Fun Center was in between Loveland and Fort Collins and had a great go kart track and some arcade games.  Fort Fun pretty much took the steam out of the business... now, it's Adams Bank & Trust.

  • ThinkStock

    See a Movie at The Pines Drive-In

    Pines Drive-In Theater was great. It was open for about 20 years (it closed in the mid-80s) on the north side of town off of 71st by Resthaven Memorial Gardens. I remember me and the gang seeing 'The Thing' there! Now it's a storage facility.

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