What an amazing ride it has been. Brian and I have been the Good Morning Guys on K99 for over 30 years. We honestly don't know the exact date we started working together on the morning show but we do know it was in 1988 and we use Cinco de Mayo as our anniversary date, because it is easy to remember.

We have gotten to do things and meet people that we never would have dreamed possible. Our 28 Hours of Hope raised over 1.5 million dollars in 20 years to help fight child abuse in Northern Colorado. We have sold out every Habajeeba Show, including the past 6 at the Union Colony Civic Center and this year's Last Hababajeeba. We have been on the air together for 30 years (including 17 with Susan), which we believe is the longest running morning show team in Colorado. If I am wrong about this, please let me know.

We have traveled all over the country to represent K99, including the CMA Awards in Nasville, where we won a couple of awards and also were inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame there.  We have met Senators and Governors and tons and tons of country music superstars from George Strait to Garth Brooks to Blake Shelton. How ever, the best part about our job over the past three decades has been getting to know the K99 listeners. Everyone has been so kind to us we could never possibly repay all of the love that has come our way. We are truly grateful.

We love you all. This has been and experience that we will cherish forever. As Brian moves on, we are saddened by his departure, but as Carol Burnett used to say, "I'm so glad we had this time together. Thank you.

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