Kids -- they're always in a rush to do things themselves.

Ansleigh here certainly is. The three-year-old girl from Florida recently gave herself a haircut when she found a pair of scissors in a box in her house. Considering she's a three-year-old with scissors, she's lucky a bad haircut is the worst thing that happened.

Her dad sat her down after the she completed the 'do, at which point Ansleigh explained she was inspired to chop off her locks by a family friend who's a hairdresser.

She wound up giving herself a mullet (it still looks cute because all kids at her age are cute), tearfully telling her dad she wanted to play barber because "I want to know how to do it really, too...I was just practicing today."

Her future in the hair industry will just have to wait. Her dad promised she shouldn't cut her hair again when she's little and she can have scissors when she gets older, which is probably the safest decision he could make.


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