They say the housing market is cooling off or correcting itself but in many places, Colorado included, that's not bringing a bunch of relief as prices continue to be out of many people's price range and budget but there are some properties out there that, if you're willing to sacrifice a few things you can get a sweet deal on.

Like this one. Ok ok, it's small and it's "out there". About an hour East of Pueblo to be exact in Otero County in Fowler.

According to Property Shark, this home at 108 5th Street in Fowler featuring 2 beds, 1 bath and about 800 square feet of living space is going for UNDER $100K.

Keep in mind, I'm not including condos, townhomes, manufactures/mobile homes over 55 communities or anything like that. I'm simply looking at detached single family homes and while this one isn't perfect and sure, it could use some updates but for under $100K, you have a ton of flexibility to do whatever you want with this thing.

Another element I look for when searching for these properties is livability. I'm not counting all of the properties that have holes in the roof or the walls or heck, the ones that don't have any walls at all.

This property checks all of the boxes and while it is kind of out of the way and small, it's certainly livable as long as you're willing to make a few sacrifices and don't mind a little commute to work.


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