Technology has become extremely advanced, and our many different devices are capable of doing so much. It's also something that we rely on, and take for granted as always being right, but nothing is perfect, and even technology has its glitches from time to time. 

Case and point, a recent sticky situation in Colorado, that resulted in more than 100 drivers stranded at a location they never intended to be at in the first place. As people headed to Denver International Airport on Sunday, an accident on Peña Boulevard blocked the way, causing drivers to find a detour around the mess. Many of these travelers used Google Maps to re-route themselves, however the alternate directions were not exactly right. Rather than taking drivers to the airport, the map led them down a private road, straight into a muddy field. Vehicles continued to follow each other, assuming they were on the right path, and because of the muddy conditions, smaller cars ended up sliding and getting stuck, trapping others that wound up in the field. One of the drivers with all-wheel drive was able to find her way out of the field, and was then kind enough to transport two people to the airport so that they could catch their flights.

Google Maps released an official statement regarding the snafu, claiming that the road was not marked as private. They also reminded drivers to always use their best judgement and stay attentive.

Isn't technology great...

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