Wild animals attacking bikers seems to be a thing. Last week, we shared a story (and video) of a Wyoming biker getting knocked off his Harley Davidson by a bison. While, luckily, the rider wasn't seriously injured, other bikers have not been so lucky.

Today, viral video sharing Twitter account, CCTV_IDIOTS posted a video of a ram headbutting a motorcyclist on a dirt bike and then chasing the rider down.

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After going through a few of the comments on the Twitter video, I found out that the Angry Ram has its own YouTube channel, dating back to over seven years ago. Matter of fact, the full video of the incident (shown below), actually took place in September of 2013.

We definitely don't suggest attempting to put a camera on a wild animal, that is exactly what this guy did. He also paid the price for actions. The caption on the YouTube video reads:

I had many requests to mount a camera on the angry ram with a penchant for smashing motorcycles, so here it is.
Watch to see the Ramifications...
The horned beast ended up breaking part of the camera, motorbike & maybe my shin bone.

Well yeah, buddy. That's kind of what you deserve. Mess with the ram, get the horns... or something along those lines.

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