When I came across an article about tree rings and what they sounded like on a record player, I wondered to myself, What would those big trees in Fort Collins' City Park would sound like. Or anywhere around the area, up the Poudre Canyon, along the Big Thompson and beyond.

Tree sings D Dennison

I have sat amongst the trees in City Park a million times. I've watched my boys play football with the City of Fort Collins League and hosted family gatherings. We've also had great times up the Poudre Canyon, cooking out and skipping rocks in the river. Always surrounded by so many trees, trees that have seen many families do the same over the many years that they have stood so tall and strong in our parks and along our waters. So what would they say if they could speak? I ran across this recording of what tree rings would sound like on a record player and thought, wow, now that's cool. Check it out here: