There are some die hard supporters the candidates we have running for president but if you ask most people, they are still waiting for someone they can really get behind. This is not meant to offend supporters of any of the candidates but in politics, it's impossible not to anger someone. It's ugly out there, which is I propose an alternative. I have the answer many have been waiting for...The Country Music Party or the CMP if you will.

I say we start another party that values good hard working men and women who love their families, their bbq's, mud, music, flag and families with a vow to be humble and kind. We are the Country Music Party!

Who will we pick as our candidate? I need your help. I have listed, what I feel, are six great choices. You can vote for one of my nominees or write in one that you think would be better. Let's get this started. Place your vote here. CMP Rules!