Tomorrow is the day many of us have been waiting for. We are finally going to be done with, what many consider, the most painful and ugliest presidential election we have ever witnessed in this great country. I fear that what has turned into a very ugly and angry nation is going to continue to be ugly and angry. We need someone to bring us together and find something we all can relate to. I am coming to the rescue in the next election. It is never too early to start campaigning so mine begins today.

I, Brian Gary, am asking for your support for the 2020 election when I run for the high office. I will represent the F.A.R.T Party, Free American Rational Thinkers, and seep into the White House. We may not all be democrats or republicans but we are ALL FARTers in my heart. When I go around this country and meet folks, I will not shake your hand but rather have you pull my finger as a sign of party unity. We will have a military that will be powerful and also silent but deadly when needed.  Prepare yourself for the smell of justice and unity in 2020. Vote Brian Gary!