My peaceful slice of heaven-aka a 5 acre farm- has been anything but relaxing this summer. There’s a new housing development right next to my pasture. Construction workers have been running heavy equipment, digging basements, hauling dirt, pounding nails and the like for months. There are about a dozen beautiful new houses now, and more to come.  New homes mean new neighbors and new families and a major concern for me is kids wandering over to play with my horses. While they’re all kid friendly, they do weigh in at around 900 pounds. I’m tempted to put up signs to warn any trespassers that I am not liable for their injuries or worse, that’s the law. I have the sign posted in my barn but it’s not visible in the pasture. Maybe I will just be neighborly and tell them of the risks involved with being around horses. I would LOVE to post this other sign, just for fun.