Susan Moore, TSM with Lily

Not that this day is any different than my other 364 horse loving days, it's nice to know that I'm not the only horse nut celebrating 'I Love Horses Day'. I prove my devotion to my herd daily by picking up poop, feeding them, grooming and fly spraying, and just adoring my angels.
The truth is I need my horse time, especially when the rest of my world spins at a pretty high rate of speed in mostly joy filled chaos.  When I get too busy in my job or anything that takes me away from my barn, I suffer from 'horse time' withdrawal. Barn chores are just an excuse to mindlessly hang out with sweet, intelligent, funny, beautiful souls who think I'm the best!  They keep the bar set high for how and with whom I spend my time.

Happy 'I Love Horses Day' to my like-minded friends and horses everywhere!