Tablets are somewhere in between a desktop, notebook, laptop and why do I need a device three times the size of my phone that can't even make a call.


The first thing to decide when thinking about a Tablet is why do you want one? Is it truly because its the thing and everyone has one, it's cool and why not or I don't know just want one? Well, really there isn't a right or wrong answer when you are buying a want, is there? As I see it, a tablet isn't near the category of need. Now, with that said, I did just buy one. I have a laptop that has a docking station at home with a really big screen (my James got it for me a few Christmas's ago, at first I thought it was a TV for the kitchen, ha, silly me, that came the next Christmas) Anyway, talk about the conveniences of our spoiled lives, its a pain to dock it and undock it to watch Netflix or have a larger screen than my phone when I go upstairs, so I felt the NEED for a tablet. It's lightweight and portable and if I really do need the power of a full laptop, my thinkpad does undock from the big oops I thought it was a TV screen and I can leave the house with it and take it on trips. And really as much as I needed the tablet, it is just a glorified phone without the capability of actually calling anyone, not even in an emergency.


  • Asus Transformer Pad Infinity: It's really rated at the bottom of the top 5, but according to Techrader that is only because of its bigger price tag (it comes with a keyboard docking station-standard not optional or extra money)
  • Google Nexus 10: It's the highest resolution tablet to date and is being compared closely to the slightly higher rated iPad (4th generation)
  • Google Nexus 7: great price, a beefy 12 core GPU and runs the Android Jelly Bean (no, it's not a candy, I know, I initially had a sad face too, but it's cool to have IN the tablet)
  • iPad 4: It's a tough tablet to beat scoring 4.5 out of 5, but then again a lot of them, if not most on this list did. What really sets it apart is the stunning retina display, it's speed, battery and well, it's an iPad-want is referred to today as something of a cult classic.
  • iPad Mini: this one likely takes the top spot as it has almost everything all the others have plus a reasonably price tag for "what's under the hood", so to speak.

Which tablet did I get? If I said I'm not a fan of a monopolizing Apple and I'm not sure what a Asus is, would that narrow the field?