Many people don't even know how easy it is to listen to K99 at work or while just buzzing around on the internet, well I'm here to point out how easy it is.

Okay, so up above Brian's head, past Reba and Kyla, underneath the words click here for more information (shaped like a shadowed house) there is a Red and White banner/button deal, see it? It says listen live... LISTEN LIVE! So this isn't a note to you that you should listen, you already know this, it actually is a "button". If you click the red area where it says LISTEN LIVE the radio station will play on your computer, you can minimize the icon and continue to work or surf the net while listening to your favorite songs on K99. Don't be alarmed if you initially see a commercial, if you'll notice in tiny white letters at the bottom of the commercial running it says that your station will start playing in :27 seconds... 20 seconds... 15 seconds... 9 seconds... 2 seconds etc... Yep and there it is, no radio needed.

One of the greatest problems many of my friends have mentioned about listening at work or even in their basements is that they couldn't get radio reception, well now there is an easier way to listen to your favorite radio station and your favorite songs. Give it a try and see how easy it really is... HAPPY LISTENING LIVE with