My pets keep my life interesting. I had a Australian Shepard/Husky mix named Sinatra who was the greatest dog I've ever had. He was sweet but had a naughty side too. One day I came home from work and found an empty bag of Hershey's Kisses on the floor. I was going to call the vet right away but he seemed fine. I knew dogs shouldn't have chocolate, yet alone a whole bag of kisses. He was fine but the cool part about it was that when I went to pick up the dog dropping from the yard that week, everyone of them had a one of those paper things that said "Hershey" on it and made it really easy to pick them up.

Brian Gary, TSM

Then there was the time I came home and found him chewing my pet box turtle named Hammer. He was trying to crack him open like a pistachio. I had to take the turtle to the vet and have his shell professionally duct taped.

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