The Lunabelles, are four amazingly talented gals that stopped by K99 this morning to play for us.

Watch them perform their new single 'A Place to Shine' below. Thanks to Drew Bankston from Starpainter Productions. Here is Starpainter's Facebook Page!

Sony Music Nashville and the official bio for the band opens with:

It takes a lot of moxie for teenage girls to launch a country songwriters’ night in the heart of New York City, but passionate artists always find a way to be heard, and it’s that combination of creativity, glamour and grit that makes The Lunabelles one of the most intriguing young acts in country music.

Olivia Arciero, Dominique Arciero, Gabby Arciero and Alex Kline, we look forward to hearing more from you!

Here is the song, "He Loves Me For Me".


Dixie Whiskey: