One of my all time favorite female country singers is Terri Clark, in fact she may be favorite. She is gorgeous, wears a hat and can sing and play like a maniac. Canadian born and bred Terri got her start on the American country charts in 95 with her hit "Better Things To Do" and kept the hits coming for the next decade. Although she has not had a hit here for a few years she is still cranking north of the border and I have no doubt we will be hearing from her again soon.

Terri is one of those artists that the guys and girls both love. Take a listen to a few of her smash singles and you will remember why. It is Terri's Birthday today. She turns 45. Happy Birthday Terri and thank you for all the great music.

Better Things To Do

Poor Poor Pitiful Me

I Just Wanna Be Mad

I Wanna Do It All

Girls Lie Too