Time to ‘Spring Forward’- Daylight Saving Time This Weekend
We will lose an hour of precious sleep on Saturday night, but now is the time where night fall starts later and later. More playtime outside!! Daylight Saving Time starts this March 13th, 2016. We will "spring forward" one hour at 2AM this Sunday morning (MST). So when you wake up on Sunda…
For How Long Do You Set Your Snooze Alarm? [POLL]
Woke up this morning. Hit snooze. As always.
Nine minutes later, I hit it again. This morning, like almost every other morning, I wondered why I don't just set it at 18 minutes, rather than waking up two times, nine minutes apart.
Some of the clocks that I've had have defaulted to 10 minutes…
Surprising Facts About Nakedness
I know that this may seem like an odd topic and I don't know why I thought of it, but in thinking about it, I wondered... Do people prefer to be clothed or naked? (at home, in private, no kids or parents living with you)

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