While paying for horse feed at the farm store yesterday, I chatted with the clerk. Just a 'How are you today?' gave her the chance to tell me she was feeling a little low. There was no actual reason she could pinpoint, she was just a bit down.

I had been feeling the same way but am so fortunate to be married to a brilliant psychiatrist. Bob keeps a pulse on me and stresses how important my sleep is.
He reminded me that this is a time of year when some people have trouble
falling and staying asleep and fail to feel refreshed at wake up time. It is a disruption of circadian rhythm caused by the changing of the season. Bob says we need to be mindful of consistent FAT (falling asleep time) and GUT (getting up time).

Now granted my schedule is way weird in that I need to get to bed by 8 pm at the lastest for my 3:15 am alarm. It's not easy to drift off when the sun is still up but so very crucial.
I've needed to up my sleep aid temporarily and the payoff is wonderful.

So, when I'm struggling with life in general, as we all do from time to time, I need to sleep better. It's something I hope you will do as well.