Dear mom, the camp director took this picture of my boyfriend Dodgie and I having a little drinky poo together. He's the bomb. Hope all is well with you love volare ps never mind about the snacks but I would like my hair ribbons for picture day


Dear Mom, thank you for coming to visit me on parents day. The other campers are a little jealous that I get the most visitors. On Sunday we had to stay in our cabins cause the weather was so bad, but I worked off a lot of calories wrestling my hay out of my nibble net. The camp director went and got me a new portable nibble net, it is smaller and fits my delicate face better. Do you think I lost some weight off my nose? Hmmm. Well I miss you come see me soon. Love volare ps Dodgie licked my ear is that to forward?

Katrina  tagged you in a post:  Look who getting in trouble at fat camp: p Valare has figured out how to get grazing muzzle off but leave the fly mask lol