If you can't make this dish and wow your crowd I'll send you some frozen dinner coupons. :)

*Please note this is not my kitchen, sometimes I have to rely on stock photo's to give you an example of what it could or should look like. I am working hard on having pics from my kitchen on everything, but that takes time.

what you'll need:

1 lb Hamburger, 2-4 Tbs flour, 2 pats of butter, about 2 cups of milk (some cases more) salt and pepper to taste

Putting it all together:

Brown the hamburger, leave the grease and start by adding 2 Tbs of flour, if its runny and gooey add more flour... it should be somewhat crumbly but not too dry (don't worry, I am making it sound worse than it is, you'll know if its right) once you have blended the flour with the meat add the milk, start with two cups and cup on low till it begins to thicken, it will take about 7 minutes-stir occasionally so that it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan and all flavors get incorporated. If it seems to be thickening too much add more milk, if it doesn't seem to be tightening up (getting thicker) mix a Tbs of butter with a Tbs of flour and add to your mixture. The consistency in the photo is pretty spot on. Don't forget to add your salt and pepper. *if for some reason it needs more beef flavor use a tsp of beef base, try to stay away from bouillon, they are just too salty and could ruin the dish.

Now there are three ways I have used the Hamburger SOS... like traditional SOS on toast, over egg noodles and even over mashed potatoes. If its during the week and you are short on time and want the mashers, don't be afraid to use boxed taters, fresh are always better, but dinner as a family is more important than extra time in the kitchen. Enjoy! (add a new dimension if you like by adding a tsp of cayenne pepper)