After 2 weeks of my bike sitting in the garage, enough was enough!  I think this is the longest my bike has sitten, unridden since I have owned it.  Sad I know...extreme riders will understand.  SO, me and some good friends and I decided to go out and dodge ice patches.  Well, it really wasn't that bad.  The best part was stopping off at Vern's for lunch and then up over Horsetooth for a nice little scoot.

Now let me explain the picture of the pie your looking at.  While at Vern's for lunch I couldn't stop staring at the blackboard that had all the different pies.  I knew before I ordered lunch it was down to Cherry or Chocolate Meringue; yes, it was on my mind.  Keep in mind the whole time I knew I would snap a picture of it when it arrived so I could blog about it today.  Well, as you can clearly see, pie was on my mind and when it finally arrived at the table it was at this point I remembered the picture. So all in all it was a good day and thanks to some really good friends for making it even better;  Kenny and Nancy Oldson!