I love this little movie for several reasons, first my little mare is healthy,

She has a clean bill of health from the vet and her farrier has a good
feeling-with front shoes-that's she'll be a 'nice little riding horse'.I could
not ask for more. Volare is laminetic. That means she must not be overweight.

Also, I LOVE making movies with my horses, and it features
my Bestie, Kitty Wilson (you may know her husband, Bob, who she says
is a great kisser:)  Kitty has had Volare at her barn (Fat Camp)
all during April, May, and June, 2014. If you ever kept someone else's
horse or kids, for that matter, for 3 months you know....well, you know.
It was wonderful to have one less horse to care for after my latest injury.

THANK you for watching this...near the end, Mak trips and nearly falls down.

>>>>THIS JUST IN>>>>>>

Volare's final letter home from Fat Camp

Dear Mom.
My last letter from camp western exposure.  I have had such a fun time (except for the snacks). We have been having French lessons this week!  The jr. Camper Austin kept raising her hoof so often to go to the bathroom that the camp director had to go looking for her, she found her outside playing on the slide !!!!! These babies.  Dodgie and I have decided that we are going to put our romance on hold till next summer, the camp director told me he was a gelding anyway?  Not sure what that is but the camp director said some fillies prefer their boys that way?  We may have to discuss this more. Well off to my last French lesson ( I sit next to Dodgie)