We are all big animal lovers at K99! We heard this story and immediately wanted to help.  Recently a dog was stolen from Animal House in Fort Collins.  A reward is being offered for his safe return.According to a press release from Animal House:

A dog named Titan was stolen from Animal House in Fort Collins on Sunday, May 13, at approximately 4:30pm. A man who was visiting with more than one dog took Titan out for a walk and never returned with him. Later that evening, around 9:30pm, Titan and his apprehender were seen walking west on Vine between Shields and Taft Hill. Shortly after the sighting the apprehender was approached by police, but no longer had Titan with him and refused to say where he was. The man was cited for misdemeanor theft and then released.

Since the initial apprehender was found and identified, but refused to volunteer information on the whereabouts of Titan, the focus now is solely on getting Titan returned safely. A growing reward is being offered and no questions will be asked upon his return.

If you have any info on Titan please Call Animal House Rescue at (970) 224-3647 or e-mail Animal House.