Chicken roll-ups are easy and come in a million different tasty varieties. Lee Brice likes his with a little bacon and jalapeno.


Lee Brice has touched my family's heart with his hit "I Drive Your Truck". Colton got a truck for his 16th birthday, a big ole half ton Ford quad cab with a cattle guard, just what he wanted (he immediately put an American Flag on the antenna) His brother now has the truck, and there was change in the ashtray, a half empty Gatorade bottle on the floor board (still there, by the way) and the radio was set to K99 with a Johnny Cash Cd in the visor. Zachariah drives Colton' truck when he needs to feel closer to him, the song is so fitting for these brothers, I can even see Colton punching Zach in the arm for crying. Here's the video and then on to the food:

“I love my chicken roll-ups,” Lee admits.  “It’s one of those things you can talk up and still not disappoint people.”

And his recipe is simple:

“A little chunk of chicken, slap it on half a piece of bacon, a little slice of jalapeno and roll it up.  Stick it with a toothpick  and warm up some ranch dressing and roll over top of it, after you’ve seared ‘em up and cooked ‘em, a little bit of parsley and they’re the best thing.”

But these chicken roll-ups come with a warning.  “Don’t let it get on the top of your head, your tongue might beat your brains out trying to get to it,” Lee admits with a laugh.