When hosting a Superbowl party, the food is the hardest thing to figure out. Let's go beyond opening bags of chips and jars of salsa and see what we can make.


The west coast- California-San Francisco and the 49ers... Happy, Sad or on the fence about their Superbowl bid, it's a done deal... So let's get cooking, San Fran Style


So basically Crab Louie is a salad that first appeared on the west coast in the early 1900's, served in San Francisco as early as 1904. Today, as we start thinking of foods for the Superbowl, we'll turn the Crab Louie Salad or the King of Salads into something handy to eat.


A pound of lump crab meat (you'll find this in the fresh seafood section-if need be you can use imitation crab, but I highly suggest the real deal), 2 heads of Endive, Thousand Island dressing, two Roma tomatoes (diced), 3 hard boiled eggs (diced), 1 lemon, a couple of scallions (chopped-green and white parts) 1 ripe Avocado (optional), 1 Sourdough round and salt and pepper.


Mix together the tomatoes, eggs, avocado (if using) and the juice of the lemon, now add the crab meat and a pinch of salt and pepper, toss lightly. Now drizzle with thousand island dressing and mix together in a folding type method. (you just want to be gentle while mixing in the dressing, you don't want to smash or breakdown the other ingredients) Add enough dressing to make the mixture moist but not saturated like you might do with a tuna salad. Cut a circular hole in the center of the sourdough round and remove the bread inside, tear up the pieces and the 'lid' to be used with the Crab Louie. Put the crab mixture in the now cleared out center of the sourdough round. On one side of your serving dish pile the bread pieces and on the other side the endive lettuce leaves. The mixture can be eaten with the bread or the endive (like little crab boats)