If you live in Greeley, Loveland, Eaton or Miliken I appreciate your town too. Oh, shoot, I appreciate all of northern Colorado. I live in Fort Collins and can't say enough good things about our 'little' town. What can you say about your town? I want to hear all the things that make it your town and why you love living there.


D Dennison TSM Can You See the Owl?

I love living in Fort Collins because I can wake up in the morning and hear the Morning Doves, I can come home in the afternoon and catch bunnies in my yard, in the evening find the occasional fox crossing my circle and look what I saw last night! My James, Natasha and I were enjoying a beautiful evening and I spotted him, just sitting there like he was hanging out with us, an owl. I watched him for what seemed like hours, then I got to see him take flight. He didn't extend his wing span completely so I thought that he just moved to the roof, I spent many minutes looking for him. Finally, I found him on the neighbors roof. Of course just as I am standing there staring at their house they come out to walk their gorgeous greyhounds. We exchange good evening's and then I tell them they have a guest, they too thought that it was cool.

I was born in the city and moved to a smaller community when I was 13 with my first radio job being in rural North Dakota. I love the amenities and diversity that the bigger towns offer, but I don't like to give up the comforts of a smaller community. Here in lies the reason that I love Fort Collins. If I want to shop (which is rarely), there are so many choices, locally owned shops and nationwide brand stores. When I go out to eat (which I love), I have a multitude of choices. My James sometimes says that we must be spoiled when we can't make a decision and I think that we are. The eatery choices are so diverse. If I want Ethiopian food-BOOM, I can have it, Indian, Brazilian, American... fancy, laid back and meals on the go (thanks to more food trucks coming to town). I can ride a horse drawn carriage in old town, hop on the street car, watch some local high school football or paint myself green screaming 'Go Rams', peddle a bike while I drink some of the finest micro-brewed beers in the world and paddle a boat while I feed the ducks/geese (well maybe not at the same time).

These are just some of the reasons I love Fort Collins and why so many others are flocking to our "little" town, why do you love your town?