Jamey Johnson is an American Grammy Award nominated country music artist. You probably only know the name for a couple songs namely the Top 10 hit "In Color" and "High Cost of Living." In addition to writing most of his own material which I respect greatly, Johnson has co-written singles for Trace Adkins, George Strait, James Otto, Joe Nichols and Jessie James.  He is fantastic to see live and you can do just that May 23rd at the Grizzly Rose.

Jamey Johnson has that 'old school' attitude and will remind you largely of the likes of David Allen Coe, Waylon Jenning and Trace Adkins all rolled into one.

Jamey served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve for eight years in Company L, 3rd Battalion 23rd Marines as a mortarman (MOS 0341) and attained the rank of corporal.  And speaking of David Allen Coe, after leaving the Marines and starting his band, his first official big gig was opening for D.A.C..  You will also hear many tunes relating to his Marine Corps service.

As Brian Gary recently said,

Don't judge a book by it's cover

The fact remains the same...Jamey Johnson is an American hero and warrior and his style of music is right up my alley and many of you as well and his show at the Grizzly Rose is not one to miss. For ticket information head to the Grizzly Rose website and keep listening for your chance to win tickets down the road with Colorado's Best Country...K99!

In the meantime...enjoy one of my favorite J.J. tunes.