Crazy as it sounds I am totally looking forward to 7am tomorrow morning.  Well, I am now.  We'll see how in love I am with the idea tomorrow. One thing I know is I am WAY overdue on a road trip and I have had this one planned since Jan 1st.

The one thing I really look forward to these days is my birthday because I always do a special ride because it my special day, right?  Last year I took off on a 48 hours 2000 mile Iron Butt ride and although it is not a sanctioned IB ride, it may well turn into one if Mother Nature can't be dodged.

Many of you know our Morning Guy and one of my best friends Brian Gary has decided that his time has come and he is planning on riding out to Topeka with me along with a couple other buddies.

This will be an official Journey 4 Justice ride represented by both the TL of Colorado 1 and the TL from Colorado 4.

Let it be known here and now that I have told them all that if anyone bows out on this weekend's adventure ride to Topeka Kansas no one would ever hold it against them, especially me.  But then again I have always agreed with the saying that if your going to be tough you have to be a little stupid as well.  Hey, I can be as dumb as used Dairy Queen napkin but I freely admit that and thrive on it sometimes.

So, check your Facebooks tomorrow and we'll see what happens.  Here is the planned itinerary for those who will be following along:

Greeley To Topeka

0900 - Fort Morgan CO

1030 - Wray CO

1230 - Oberlin KS

1400 - Hill City KS

1700 - Clay Center KS

1800 - Junction City KS

1930 - Topeka KS

Topeka to Greeley

0830 - Abilene KS

1000 - Bunker Hill KS

1100 - Wakeeny KS

1300 - Goodland KS

1500 - Limon CO

1630 - Fort Morgan CO

1800 - Greeley CO