It was bond to happen, it shouldn't be a shocker, but it does sneak up on you. Fort Collins Utility bills will hit seasonal rates this month.

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The City of Fort Collins sent out a notification stating that the seasonal rates would take effect this month.

The city states that the seasonal rate increases will depend largely on each individual households electric usage. If you make no changes to your current electric use, your bill will reflect a 13 percent increase through August. That again, is only if you're electric use remains the same.

There are things that can be done to help reduce your electric bill during the seasonal increase time frame. Using an air conditioner will account for half of your electric bill as well as increased water usage, the city says that increased water usage for outdoor water per say, can result in higher utility bills. I would also think running fans that you don't typically run any other time of the year can also affect your bill.


  • cook more meals outside. Even if you have a gas stove, as I do, it does use electricity.
  • Remember to do laundry in the off peak hours, just like plane tickets, it matters when you "buy" your electricity.
  • If you are using your air conditioner, make sure that you have it service as soon as possible to make sure that it is working as efficiently as possible.
  • Properly cleaning out the lint in the dryer can save up to $25 a year.
  • Here's a cool trick to check the seal on your fridge, stick a dollar bill in the door when you shut it, if it pulls out easily, chances are that you need a new seal.
  • Unplug your gadgets and devices when you're not using them, although they aren't being used, they are still sucking energy.
  • Talk about a myth buster, it actually costs you more to close vents in the house. Make sure all your vents are open, this will make it easier on the air conditioner (or furnace in colder weather) keeping it running efficiently will keep increased costs lower.
  • Reduce the heat in your dishwasher and turn off the drying feature.