Before the age of recycling Colorado and the world were a mess, now it's second nature and Fort Collins is recycling more than ever. 

Fort Collins is Recycling More Than Ever Brand X Pictures

In a recent press release the City of Fort Collins announced that our community, as a whole, helped to increase recycled or composted materials nearly 10% over the same time period last year.

Here's a cool fact, based on a population of 151,300 people in Fort Collins generated 4.85 pounds of trash per capita, per day. Last year, trash generated per capita, per day was over five pounds.

City officials say there are many reasons for the positive recycling growth. One huge change in the city is the ordinance passed in the spring of 2013. The ordinance prohibits the disposal of cardboard in the city's waste stream. Cardboard-only waste from businesses have increased 94.8% in the last year. There have also been remarkable increases in cardboard recycling at the City's Recycling Drop-Off Center.

The Fort Collins City Council have set a goal of zero waste by 2030.