In the midst of virtual turmoil and free love filled with excessive pollution and leaded gas Earth Day was born. When Larimer County topped out with a population of nearly 90 thousand people the country was getting ready for big changes. And amongst it all Earth Day came to be mostly due to the efforts of a 'Cheesehead'.

Earth Day iStock

Inspired by the events of the time a U.S. Senator, Gaylord Nelson, pushed for environmental awareness. And on April 22, 1970 about 20 million people rallied across the nation in a united front against such causes as pollution, toxic waste and the loss of wildlife. This led to the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species acts. By 1990 Earth Day began going global with 141 countries on board; that number continues to grow today to nearly 200 countries.

Why April 22? The date was decided after careful calculation, it was a time that didn't interfere with school exams, spring break, holidays.