Memories can be wonderful to look back on. Memories can also be painful. One thing for sure is we all have them. Old memories can effect us in so many ways. Sometimes for the good sometimes not so good.

Do you ever just sit and think about how simple things were before the fast paced computer world and become so intimidated that you refuse to learn? Have you been burned in a relationship and now don't let people in for fear of getting burned again? Have you gotten comfortable in your life and don't venture out and try new things? Do you watch reruns of old shows because you don't think they know how to make a show that entertains you anymore? Did you have an animal pass away and haven't gotten a new one because they just couldn't live up to the memory of your old friend?

Learn the technology. You may find that you are amazing at it and love all the new doors it opens. Let new people in your life. You may find your soul mate or the best friend you've ever had. Go to a new restaurant or store that you have never gone to because it isn't your usual. You may find a new favorite place. Turn off the reruns and try a new show, it may become your new favorite viewing. Get a new pet. You may find the companion you have been needing.

I think we often become prisoners of our memories. I know I have had a lot of success in my career but if I rested on that I would achieve nothing more. The awards are a nice memory but I need to live for today. We need to make sure our old memories aren't keeping us from making new ones. Hold yesterday close to your heart but leave it open for today.