I have never really been one to do the garage sale thing other than having had one years ago when moving. BANKED!  So are you all in or is it taboo to rifle through a bunch of stuff that has been who knows where.

You know, there is some allure to go out and pillage around some garage sales but I am always broke and never have any cash it seems.  But if I were, I know the 'used' things I would stay away from at all costs:

  • Underwear
  • Toothbrushes
  • Pit Stick
  • Bra's
  • Shoes

But then you always hear the stories of the unbelievable finds at a garage sale either because someone doesn't know the value of what they are selling or just plain tired of looking or moving something over and over.  I know we all have taken way less for an item after a few years, or 10, and then think they are doing us the favor and most times, they are.

So what's your story?  Have you found that Mona Lisa or bag of rare coins or some antique that King James sat in? Would love to hear your treasure stories so please list them below.

And don't forget, coming up June 1st is Colorado's Largest Yard Sale at the Outlets at Loveland and just in years past, we will bring over a 100 sellers right to one spot and save all the running around time. One place, one day, one savings at a time. Because you know what they say, sometimes, one man's junk is another man's treasure. Come find your treasure on Saturday June 1st with Colorado's Largest Yard Sale.