Dierks Bentley's 7th album - "Home"-  is now available!

And he has teamed up with CMT for your chance at him hosting a concert just for you...

and 100 other people!!

The deadline to enter is coming up WEDNESDAY!

"Read More" for the details!

Dierks! Dierks! Dierks! Dierks! Dierks! Dierks! Dierks! Dierks! Dierks! Dierks!

Can you hear the chanting now from YOUR Dierks Bentley concert?

In celebration of his latest album- "Home" Dierks Bentley and CMT have your chance at winning a FREE CONCERT for you and 100 of your friends-- in YOUR HOME-town!

Imagine all the friends you would suddenley have if you won!

Imagine where it would take place!

Imagine hanging out with Dierks Bentley for the day- because it's YOUR CONCERT!

"Hey Dierks- can you grab me a beer while you're up?"


Good Luck!