CMT says they won't play former "Dancing With the Stars" superstar Julianne Hough's  new video  "Is That So Wrong", because it's too racy for their format!  She basically rolls around her bedroom in her underwear and does some sexy dance moves. Honestly, she is wearing more clothes than she did on a regular basis on the prime-time dancing show.  So I ask you, "Is that so wrong?"

Julianne divulged the video ban to a crowd in Baltimore during a radio-sponsored, acoustic Christmas concert last weekend. "This next song -- funny story," she told the packed audience, as reported by the Washington Post. "I shot a music video for it, and Country Music Television banned it. Apparently I was taking off too many clothes as I was dancing across my bedroom. But I don't know ... I kind of liked it."

You can see the video here at!