It's true, I, D Dennison will be on stage presenting a cooking demo at the Front Range Food Show. When I was first asked, I was instantly nervous, I hadn't even said yes yet, so I hope that you come out and support me. I mean please, Chef James Tahhan will be there and some great local chef's and foodies.

I was very honored a few years ago to be given My James' grandma Rose's noodle recipe. I love to cook and thought what fun and what a privilege, but then I thought, what if I mess them up? But see that is the great thing about grandma Rose's noodle recipe, like she put so much love in it that it is fail proof. I only wish that I had gotten to know her, I do however keep her alive in my kitchen every time I make her noodles.

Now I know that many of my friends will say, but D you have always been the fiddler in the kitchen and you've been making fried chicken on Tuesday nights for as long as I have known you. (I say Tuesday night because all the magazines I read always say things like fried chicken are weekend meals)  True, but when I say these noodles are easy and quick it's not the kitchen fiddler in me that is speaking, it's the woman on a mission to eat great food that is fresh without any hidden junk in it (besides the governmental allotment of insect parts in the flour)

I have timed myself making grandma Rose's noodles and it really doesn't take any longer than making something from a box. Now My James and I have different opinions on how the noodles should be cut, but in the end they are the same. I like to roll the dough out a bit thinner than he likes and cut them with a pizza cutter in nice even pieces. My James likes them a bit thicker and "rustic"; He likes them in varying sizes. Again, either way, you'll end up with a great product. Most often I use the noodles in chicken soup (My James' favorite way to eat them and the most memorable to how grandma Rose made them), but have eaten them with butter and have added them to gravy. I have found that if I cut them in squares and leave a bit thicker than I care to eat a noodle, they then essentially become a dumpling (at least that is what they remind me of), not the big fluffy kind, the old fashioned kind of dumpling.

I will be making grandma Rose's noodles for you at the Front Range Food Show Saturday at 12:45 (ish) :) I am nervous and excited at the same time. Please join me for this wonderful food show, with or without me making noodles its gonna a be a great time.