Tuesday nights we will be at the Sundance Steakhouse & Saloon for “Cowgirls of the Sundance” in conjunction with Miller Lite & High Country Beverage. Coming up towards the end of the year, the Sundance Saloon will be releasing a calendar featuring some of the prettiest cowgirls in Colorado, but they need your help! We are aiding in the search to find the right cowgirls now through October 22nd by taking pictures of cowgirls at the Sundance on Tuesday nights. Then each week we'll post up the pictures and let you help us decide who should be featured on the calendar. Just click the button below to get started; award each cowgirl a number of boots and then continue on to the next. The more boots you give the cowgirl, the better the chance of them being featured on the calendar; you can come back and give each girl some more boots each day!

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