One of Americans favorite weekend activities is going “sailing”, as in yard sale-ing. On any given weekend you can drive through the streets of your city and see homemade signs with arrows directing you to the best bargains you could ever imagine on things you didn’t know you wanted. Planning for a yard sale can be an exhausting endeavor. You have to figure out what stays and what goes. I have always heard that if you haven’t used it in the last year, you should get rid of it. I believe that is why you always see a pile of husbands with signs around their necks that say “free” at most yard sales. There are some amazing deals, aside from unused husbands, to be found at any yard sale.

Anyone who has had a child knows that most baby things get used once or twice over a 6 month period and then they outgrow them. You can buy and sell these items at a yard sale so easily. I have found a little of everything at sales. I have an Elvis mug I found for 50 cents, a giant rooster for $1 and a giant fork and spoon for next to nothing. Where else can you find a jar of ash from Mount St Helen’s next to a jar of Aunt Helen’s jelly?  The World’s Largest Garage Sale is coming up this Saturday from 7 to 3 at the Outlets at Loveland. You can save the gas money and forget about making or following signs because we will have all you need in one convenient location. It is going to be like Disneyland without the mouse. There is no charge for admission or parking! Booths are just $35 for individuals and $60 for companies. Registration is available online, just click here to reserve or for more information, or call 970-674-2700.  Here is a video of Sammy Kershaw’s “Yard Sale” to get you in the mood.