Midtown in Motion is a transportation study that has been going on since 2013 and designed to gather input on how best to serve cars, bikes and pedestrians.

The idea is to turn College Ave between Harmony and Prospect into a "world class" street by developing a roadway, including frontage roads, that will increase traffic flow while making sure safety is a priority for bikes and pedestrians and easy access to the the new MAX transit stations.

Here are the main priority points according to the City of Fort Collins,

  • Make College Avenue safer for all modes of travel
  • Strengthen bicycle and pedestrian connections to MAX
  • Create universal designs for all ages and all abilities
  • Create a well functioning high quality and attractive street

The study will be completed in July and you still have time to put in your thoughts. Here are some of the ideas the City of Fort Collins will be working on to make a reality...

  • Add right turn lanes at major intersections
  • Clearly mark cross walks at major intersections
  • Will show where to turn for your favorite businesses…make it obvious
  • Make the lanes more consistent and easy to follow
  • Upgrade landscaping, medians, and lighting
  • Sidewalks, sidewalks, sidewalks…especially to the new MAX stations
  • Improve the frontage roads to be more useful

To give your input, read the study or for more information please click on the big red link below or contact the City of Fort Collins planning department.